Type: Settlement
Region: Western Heartlands, west Faerûn
Size: Small town
Races: Dwarves, halflings, humans
Gov’t type: Oligarchy
Population: 500 in 1370 DR / 891 in 1372 DR
Ruler: Council of Guild

Daggerford is a town that lay along the Shining River on the Sword Coast in the Western Heartlands. It’s a walled town with a population of approximately 900, with a number of outlying hamlets, farms, and estates bringing the population to over 2,000. The town is strategically placed along the Trade Way and fortified by the local duke’s dwarven-built castle. It’s primarily a farming community, but a desire to grow and be seen as an alternative to the northern city Waterdeep caused the town to actively seek craftsmen and artisans. Its streets are unpaved and the buildings are ramshackle in appearance.


The town took its name from a 400-year-old legend about a boy named Tyndal who fended off a tribe of lizardfolk with only a dagger. The first community was built along the shores of the river at that spot. All the Dukes of Daggerford claimed to be descended from Tyndal.

Notable buildings

Inns and taverns

  • The Dragonback Inn
  • The Happy Cow
  • River Shining Tavern
  • Lady Luck Tavern


  • Derval’s Bright Blade
  • Farrel’s Fine Jewels and Apparel
  • Korbus’s Jewels and Fine Ornaments

Temples and shrines

  • The Harvest House, temple dedicated to Chauntea.
  • The Morninglow Tower, temple dedicated to Lathander.
  • Table of the Sword, shrine to Tempus
  • Fairfortune Hall, shrine to Tymora.


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